Structural Fabrication Services

Personal Service from SWS Professionals

SWS offers a broad range of structural fabrication services for our clients, catering to the diversity of architecture. Our highly experienced engineers create the best and most reliable glulam materials that bring durability and beauty to every developmental project we supply.



At SWS, our engineers perform a mathematical analysis of our products to determine the exact load carrying requirements and member size. Before we begin manufacturing any products, we ensure to complete and prepare shop details for the customer for approval; our engineers are available to assist in value engineering and conduct structural checks for design ideas.


Estimating and Sales

The SWS Sales Service Department prides itself on providing accurate cost estimates and quotes. We offer the customer or design agency assistance from the developmental stage through the members' pricing up to the finalized construction drawings.

Fabrication Shop


Structural members are prefabricated in the plant so they can be quickly erected in the field. Pre-fit and match marks are standard procedures for SWS to ensure a high-quality finish for every project.



When you are planning to erect a wooden structure, SWS can recommend a highly experienced and trusted erector in your area. The services from an expert will help construction move along more seamlessly with their extensive knowledge of wood and handling equipment. The installer will use our detailed shop drawings and specifications to ensure they correctly install the structural system.